Under The Bed Restraint Kit

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Turn your bed (or the one in that hotel you like to visit) into a bondage playground, with you as the center of attention. The restraint straps fit quickly beneath the mattress or bed frame for an instant bondage bedroom! Secure your partner's arms or legs from the sides or top and bottom of the bed; what you do with them after that is up to you! This portable, easy to store kit means you can enjoy the thrill of getting strapped down (or being the one doing the strapping) at any time. Think of all the kinky possibilities that are in store wherever you go when you simply order your partner to lie down and get in position! There's no fumbling or fuss, just a direct pathway to all the naughty fun you desire. Enjoy sex while your lover writhes against the straps, or bust out some other Naughty Night sex toys like ticklers, nipple clamps or a flogger for thrilling sensations delivered while they can simply watch and wait (unless you've blinfolded them too!).